Little Park

Little Park's historic wellhouse/shelter.

Little Park’s historic wellhouse/shelter.

Fast Facts and Features:

  • Acquired 1917
  • Not so “little,” it’s 400 acres
  • Trailhead for Bear Creek Trail west to Pence Park
  • Fishing access along Bear Creek


Little Park is tucked away at the west edge of the town of Idledale, formerly known as Starbuck. Access is from Highway 74 at the northern tip of the park, most of which lies south of Bear Creek. Devil’s Gulch is the main drainage.

Read more about Little Park’s history.

Related features:

The City and County of Denver acquired nearby Bear Creek Canyon Park in 1928. Bear Creek Canyon is a 400-foot strip four miles long from Morrison almost to Idledale along Bear Creek and Colorado State Highway 74. This Denver park consists of 130 acres of undeveloped open space.

Location and Facilities:

Little Park is 21 miles southwest of Denver and immediately west of Idledale on Hwy. 74 in Bear Creek Canyon.

Facilities in Little Park are picnic tables, fishing access, and a trailhead for the Bear Creek Trail.


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