Dedisse Park

Forest view, upper Dedisse.

Forest view, upper Dedisse.

Fast Facts:

  • Evergreen’s signature mountain park; acquired 1919
  • Evergreen Lake, 65 acres, is only montane lake in DMP
  • “Mirror of the Mountain Parks,” with view west to horizon
  • Golf course and clubhouse established early 1920s
  • Enhancements by Civilian Conservation Corps in late 1930s


  • Evergreen Lake and Lakehouse (managed by EPRD)
  • Evergreen Golf Course
  • Keys on the Green Clubhouse/restaurant
  • Historic group picnic shelter; other picnic areas
  • Connecting trails to adjacent parks
  • Evergreen Nature Center (established 2008)

Stone picnic shelter at Dedisse Park.

Stone picnic shelter at Dedisse Park.

Evergreen Lake is so well used and so central to today’s Evergreen community that most park visitors are probably unaware they are in a Denver Mountain Park. But the Lake and Lakehouse (managed by Evergreen Park & Recreation District), with nearby golf course and clubhouse, are only part of this 420-acre park. North of Upper Bear Creek Road is a quieter, more typical mountain park with a stone picnic shelter, available by reservation, and forested hillsides with picnic spots for visitors. West of the golf course, the Park connects southward to Alderfer-3 Sisters Park via the Dedisse Trail across a second forested slope.

View of Lake and Lakehouse

View of Lake and Lakehouse

Today, the Lake and its adjacent wetlands attract birds—and birders, who document the appearance of birds through the season. Renovations turned the CCC Warming Hut into a new Evergreen Nature Center, operated by Evergreen Audubon Society.

Read more about Dedisse Park history.

Park-related Maps:
Dedisse Park map; Trail Connections to Alderfer-3 Sisters (JCOS); Regional Trails, including Pioneer Trail to Elk Meadow Park (JCOS)

Location and Facilities:
Dedisse Park is 27 miles west of Denver just west of Evergreen on Colorado State Highway 74. For information about Evergreen Lake in Dedisse Park, call 720.880.1300.

For picnic facility reservations at Dedisse Shelter, call the Denver Parks & Recreation Permit Office at (720) 913-0700.


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