Picnicking in Denver’s Mountain Parks

Genesee picnic area near shelter, in use after Flag Day

Genesee picnic area near shelter, in use after Flag Day

As of 2015, several new sites have been added to those available for reservations. Groups fewer than 25 people can still use shelters and sites when they are not in use by a reservation group. Email the Permitting Office for more information, visit the Denvergov website, or call 720.913.0700.

Park locations that require reservations for groups larger than 25 include the shelters at Genesee, Bergen, Dedisse, and Newton Parks, as well as unsheltered sites at O’Fallon (on weekdays) and Morrison Parks; details and fees are listed on the table below (click to enlarge):


All sites have permanent restrooms and are ADA-accessible except as noted above. Only the sites at Newton Park, which are for use by reservation only, offer electricity.

For photos and site information, see Shelters and Picnic Sites.

Please see the Park Regulations page for information on rules applicable to reservation sites and other park use.

When not in use by a scheduled group, sites are free and do not require a permit for groups of 25 people or fewer.

Who Do I Call?

For reservations and information, email the Permitting Office or call 720.913.0700.

Note: Newton Park sites are available ONLY by reservation.

For park and site details, call the Mountain Parks office at 720.865.0900.

Mountain Park Public Picnic Sites

  • Bergen Park Shelter
  • Corwina Park—Shelter & Upper Park Area
  • Cub Creek Park
  • Daniels Park Shelter
  • Dedisse Park Shelter
  • Echo Lake Park Tables & Shelter
  • Fillius Park Shelter
  • Genesee Park Picnic Sites
  • Lookout Mountain Picnic Site
  • Little Park
  • Morrison Park (in south end of Red Rocks Park)
  • O’Fallon Park—on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
  • Red Rocks Park

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