Frequently Asked Questions

    Cow and calf in May snowstorm at Genesee last year. Photo 5/13/13 by Marty Homola.

    Cow and calf in May snowstorm at Genesee last year. Photo 5/13/13 by Marty Homola.

  • Where are the buffalo?
    • “We live adjacent to the buffalo herd and have not seen them for weeks, even with detailed checking at all their hiding places”… This is a frequent question and a challenge to answer! Be aware that at Genesee Park and at Daniels Park, there are several pastures the bison can be in at any given time.
    • Depending on conditions, and to prevent wear-and-tear on the pasture, we may hold them in locations where they are not as visible to the public as they usually are. For example, last year, they were in the South Pasture at Genesee for a period due to trail construction and related fencing modifications. At Daniels, they spent some time in the West Pasture to give grass in the East Pasture a chance to recover.
    • If you need an update, you can try calling our office at 720.865.0900 and we’ll try to give you an up-to-the-minute report. Please keep in mind that they also range freely within the pastures and we may not be able to give an exact location.
  • Can I get a permit to use the Daniels Park (or other) shelter?
      Bergen Park Shelter

      Bergen Park Shelter

    • As of 2015, Daniels Park shelter is now available for reservations. The fee for Daniels shelter is $97. Groups fewer than 25 people can still use the shelter when it is not in use by a reservation group.
    • Other park locations that require reservations for large groups are the shelters at Genesee, Bergen, Dedisse, and Newton Parks, as well as unsheltered sites at O’Fallon (on weekdays) and Morrison Parks. See details at the Picnicking in Mountain Parks page or visit
    • When not in use by a reservation group, picnic sites are free and do not require a permit for groups of 25 people or fewer (larger groups are not allowed).
    • Email the Permitting Office for reservations and information, or call 720.913.0700.
    • For park and site details, call the Mountain Parks office at 720.865.0900.
  • What are the fire requirements? Can I bring my own grill?
    • Fires are allowed in designated grills, unless a fire ban is in effect. Charcoal briquettes may be used in grills provided or your own personal grill. You may use your own propane grill. If you bring your own charcoal grill, do not dump coals on the ground. Note: Briquette grills are not allowed at Red Rocks Park, except in grills provided. Grills may not be used on any surfaces such as tables that may be damaged or burned. Firewood gathering is prohibited.
  • Who should I call to complain about trash-related problems in the parks?
    • If you need to let us know of a specific problem, call our main office at 702.865.0900 during business hours (usually 7:30 to 3:30 p.m.).

Please treat your parks with respect!
Pack in-Pack Out When You Are Finished Picnicking!
Please Pickup and Remove All Litter and Personal Items Before Leaving Any Park


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