Getting There

I-70 Corridor, Foothills

Parks along the I70 Foothills Corridor
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From Interstate 70 in the Foothills

Take Exit 256 or 254 for Genesee and Lookout Mountain Parks; Exit 253 for Chief Hosa Lodge, the Beaver Brook Trail (off Stapleton Dr.), and Fillius and Bergen Parks via Evergreen Parkway. Bergen Peak Wilderness Park area is accessible by trail from Elk Meadow Park, managed by Jefferson Co. Open Space.

  • Genesee Park This premier park is the system’s first and, at 2,413 acres, largest. Denver’s historic bison herd, viewed from I-70, ranges on 800 acres, but the rest of the park offers picnicking, hiking on the 8.75-mile Beaver Brook Trail, and many other activities.
  • Lookout Mountain Park Another early picnic park lies at the top of Lookout Mountain along the Lariat Trail. Spectacular views, as well as the Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave and Pahaska Tepee, characterize this historic park.
  • Colorow Point Park This half-acre pocket park is across from the Lookout Mountain Nature Center on Colorow Road. It has excellent views but no facilities. Hikers can reach the east end of the Beaver Brook Trail from here.
  • Fillius Park A gateway rest stop on the way to Squaw Pass and Echo Lake, Fillius contains two picnic areas, one featuring an historic shelter designed by J.J.B. Benedict in 1917.
  • Bergen Park A beautiful ponderosa pine grove marks this picnic park near the junction of Hwy 74 and Co. Rte 68, the road to Squaw Pass.

From Interstate 70 at Idaho Springs

Take Exit 240 at Idaho Springs to access the Mount Evans Mountain Parks. Highway 103 passes through Echo Lake Park 14 miles from Idaho Springs; turn off on Highway 5 at Echo Lake Lodge to reach Summit Lark Park in another 14 miles. Together Highways 103 and 5 make up the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. The Squaw Pass Road, from Bergen Park to Echo Lake, is also part of the byway and provides a second route to and from Mount Evans.


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