Bison Herds

This year there has been a lot of interest in our bison herds, especially the original herd at Genesee Park. An article was published in the March issue of Colorado Serenity, and Denver Bison Evolving Back to Ancestry by Bruce Finley, appeared in the Denver Post, March 21, 2011. Several more news outlets have expressed interest.

Now that it’s spring, public and media interest is focused on the new calves of the season, whose arrival is always eagerly awaited. In fact, Genesee bison caretaker Marty Homola was able to photograph our first calf about dawn Easter Sunday morning (April 24th). Mother and calf allowed only a brief look before trotting back into the cover of the trees. The calf was born Thursday April 21, but the cow has only recently brought him out in public.

By mid-May, calves will be visible in the pastures at Genesee and Daniels Parks. Each herd normally produces about 15 calves. This year, the Genesee herd already has 18 calves (see updates on our blog); the Daniels herd has 11 calves.

In late May, Fox 31 visited Genesee to shoot a feature on the bison herd and this year’s calves. The story, video, and slideshow are now online.

This summer, work will begin on the Bison Herd Overlook at I-70, where new interpretive signs will give visitors more information on these public herds and their history.


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