Park Status after Floods

UPDATE: O’Fallon Park is now open, as are our other Bear Creek Parks. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy your visit!

Last week’s flooding has left O’Fallon Park closed for the season. The other parks in Bear Creek canyon, Little Park and Corwina Park, have now reopened.

Due to contamination, the Evergreen Lakehouse and trails are closed until further notice. Evergreen Lake updates from Evergreen Park and Rec District are posted at their website. The rest of Dedisse Park, including the north shelter area, is open as usual.

Note that several trails in nearby Jeffco Open Space are also closed.

Despite last night’s rain, water levels in Bear Creek are well below the flood levels of last Friday and Saturday, though still high compared to normal flows. Peak flow last week was above 1000 cubic ft/sec (cfs), and several houses in Morrison were temporarily evacuated, as was Mountain Parks headquarters. Average normal flow is less than 150 cfs.

Be advised that, according to the Morrison Police Dept, kayaking is NOT allowed in lower Bear Creek Canyon.