Corwina Park update

imageGood news! The current version of the Corwina suspension footbridge is surviving. Flood waters have receded some at the moment and are still well below the bridge.

Photos are from Saturday and courtesy of ranger Max Bader. Thanks, Max!

image (3)There’s a lot of debris in the creekbed, and things have been rearranged a bit (note the large boulders). Photo taken near the east footbridge.

View of the east bridge at Corwina, on the Bear Creek Trial, looking downstream.

View of the east bridge at Corwina Park, on the Bear Creek Trial, looking downstream.

Compare this photo with the one in the previous post to see how much flood waters have, at least temporarily, receded. More rain is forecast, so we’ll be keeping an eye out on park structures. [Update: As of Sunday evening, 9/15, water is again overtopping this bridge. Pic at Jeffco sheriff blog.]

image (4)Even the new roadside trail, from the south parking area to the east bridge, is surviving in good shape. Highway 74 also appears to be doing fine at this location.