New signs for Summit Lake

We’ve had lots of changes at Summit Lake Park the last few years, from the new trail and parking area to the new fencing designed to discourage trampling of the delicate tundra. Visitor Les asks whether you can still fish in the lake. New signs will clarify questions like this as soon as they are posted. In the meantime, here are some key points for this park.

Fishing is still allowed at Summit Lake Park, provided anglers gain access only along shoreline rocks or by wading. Anglers, like all visitors, must stay off the tundra.

Use at Summit Lake Park is subject to the same rules as other Denver Mountain Parks, including: no dogs off leash; no camping, hunting or shooting; no fires and no wood gathering; and of course, no littering. We encourage visitors to practice “leave no trace” stewardship when they visit ANY park. Parks are closed from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise, as noted in the list of park regulations.

In addition, Summit Lake Park has restrictions on any off-trail use, as does Red Rocks Park. Visitors must stay on designated trails. Note that we may have scientific researchers, trail crews, or others working off-trail occasionally in our parks; they will be wearing safety vests when off-trail.

We appreciate your cooperation with park regulations and assistance in keeping your park visit as pleasant and safe as possible while also protecting the natural values everyone enjoys.

Please Note that we also have a fire ban in effect in all mountain parks, as of June 13, 2013.