First calf of the season

Daniels Park takes the prize!

Meet the first addition to the Mountain Parks bison herds this year. This bull calf arrived on Wednesday, April 10th, launching the annual calving season on the heels of last week’s snowstorm.


It was a chilly welcome at Daniels Park for this little guy, with temperatures dropping into the single digits that night. But his mom took good care of him, and buffalo are very well adapted to whatever the weather has to offer here in the wild West.


3 thoughts on “First calf of the season

  1. Thank you for the photo. We’ve been looking for the Buffalo but can’t find them–haven’t seen them for months on the east side of Daniel’s Park Road. Although I see this photo was taken by the red barn, I drove there today and couldn’t find them on the east side either. Can you tell us where they go when they’re not visible from the road? Also, are they owned by the City of Denver? Thanks for your help–these questions come up quite a bit with the neighbors around here!

    • Thanks for your note, Mary. We have had the Daniels herd on the west side of the highway for a while to give the east pasture a rest. Currently the cows are calving, and tend to hide out in the brush on the west side farther from the road during that process. Calving seems to be running late this year, but cows and calves should be more visible later this month. I will check on when the buffalo will be back on the east side of the road and do an update soon. — Sally

    • And, yes, the buffalo herd is owned and managed by Denver Mountain Parks. The Daniels herd was brought there in 1938. Thanks again for your interest.

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