What Can WE Do?

After Erika Walker’s commentary appeared in the Denver Post on June 1st, one of the questions we got was, “yes, but what can people do to help?” Here are some suggestions:

  • Get acquainted: You may have a favorite Mountain Park and not even realize it! Find out when you’re using and enjoying a Denver Mountain Park or another public open space. Many popular parks—such as Red Rocks, Evergreen Lake (in Dedisse Park), Lookout Mountain (Buffalo Bill’s Grave), Summit Lake, and Winter Park—are part of the DMP system. Even those buffalo at Genesee and Daniels Parks are Denver citizens!

  • If you live in Denver: Contact the mayor and your city council rep to tell them these parks matter to you, and how they matter to future generations.
  • Donate your time: Become a volunteer. We’ll have several trail projects this summer you can participate in.
  • Provide support: Go to the Parks & Rec donation page to send a message that you care about the future of Mountain Parks. Or visit the Mountain Parks Association to contribute there.
  • Spread the word: Weigh in! Tell your friends that you believe in the Mountain Parks and why we should ALL care about them. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, share your concerns and your experiences with a hashtag (#MtnParks) or a “Like” at the Parks & Rec facebook page.
  • Provide feedback: Comment here, on any page, or on our blog to let us know what you like, as well as what you don’t. We LIKE comments! (Be polite, though; we’re only human! And yes, we know there are concerns too.)
  • Stay connected: Click the follow button on this page to stay in touch via email notifications. You can follow us on Blogger too, or share favorite posts with your friends.

The Mountain Parks need active advocacy. Help us ensure these parks continue to serve the regional metropolitan area for another 100 years!